5 Fantasy Books I haven’t read… Yet (#1)

Fantasy is one of my favourite genres out there. Books, movies, games, graphic novels… everything set in a different world, filled with magic and special creatures and I’m totally sold. And the bigger the book, the better I find it. I can easily lose myself in such stories and it gives me an extra opportunity to escape the everyday world and feel like I’m part of a bigger world.

But there are a lot of great Fantasy books out there and not enough time in the world for me to read them all. This is a short list of 5 books or series I still want to read. These are books or series that are loved by some Booktubers I follow or that usually end up really high on lists like ‘the best fantasy books’. As I was doing research to find my 5 books, I saw that I came up with a lot more than just 5. So this post is the first in this series and the first specifically on the Fantasy genre. 

Let’s get to it

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis


This is a classic I still haven’t read. It’s been on my TBR-list for ages, but I just haven’t been in the mood to pick it up. I did watch the movies and I do think that by having a small idea of the storyline and how it turns out, it stops me of picking up this book and seeing what it is all about.

The Chronicles of Narnia is a series loved by many and usually read at a younger age. This wasn’t really well known when I was little. I grew up with Harry Potter and at that time, everything was about Harry. But now I do feel it’s the time to start picking up this book. It’s not a really big mis in my life, but it being a classic and already being turned in a few movies, it’s time to pick it up.

Discworld by Terry Pratchett

5Fantasy_02This is a series that has been recommended to me for ages by one of my best friends. And it does sparkle some interest in me and this a series that is on all the ‘best fantasy’-lists out there, but what stops me here is the length of the series. As of today there are 41 novels, a lot of short stories, science books, documentaries, graphic novels and so many more. This is huge.

And this blocks me. Whenever I see these books, I feel overwhelmed and I don’t think I will ever be able to finish it or that I won’t ever be able to understand it fully and I don’t even know where I have to start reading it. This is a huge block on the road for me and one that I maybe, one day, will be able to overcome, as I do want to read at least one to see what it’s all about. Because, if I must be honest, I never read a book by Terry Pratchett.

The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss

5Fantasy_03These were recommended to me by a friend and I saw these a lot on Perusetopia’s Youtube channel and they are definitely on the top of my TBR-list. What I like about these is that the series isn’t that big yet. I can easily pick it up and read the two books, before the third one comes out. And as all the other series (yes, I’m talking about George R.R. Martin), there are always years between the books being published.

The combination of an epic fantasy tale with a coming of age story is really interesting. And I have read that Patrick Rothfuss is one to read. He spins stories as masterfully and has been named with other great names in the same sentence (think of Martin, Tolkien…). This shows that this is seriously a great book and that is also the reason why this is one my TBR-list.

The Cosmere Cycle by Brandon Sanderson

5Fantasy_04I have already talked of my love about these books on the blog and that I desperately want to read these. And I have recently (finally) bought the Mistborn trilogy, so this will soon disappear from this list. (I hope.) But it has long been one of those books that I would pass in the store and to which my hands would reach, to then notice that only the second book was lying in the store. With this series I want to binge-read it. Or at least trilogy by trilogy. The way the stories are constructed and intertwined with each other I will have to see in what direction I have to read it.

But not only my friends, but a lot of praise has come from the internet for this series and then especially the unique magic system that lives in this world. It is apparently so unique and really supports the story and makes this such an interesting read. With all of these elements and the gorgeous UK covers, who can not be excited to have these books. I’m ready to devour them.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

5Fantasy_05I recently read and loved The Ocean at the End of the Lane and I felt in love with Neil Gaiman’s writing style. It just so simple and lyrical. When I read he also wrote Fantasy novels and then especially when I read the synopsis of American Gods, I was sold and put it on my TBR-list. Amazon recently made it into a television series which also got rave reviews and this is one I also need to check out, but I first want to read this series.

I think the entire concept of this series is just so interesting and after seeing the trailer for the adaptation, I know this will be a fucked up, but interesting story. Putting this together with Gaiman’s writing style, it can be only perfection and a real treat to read. It’s not High Fantasy, but I thought that putting an ‘Urban’ Fantasy on the list would make it a bit more diverse.

This is a new series I came up with to write down in a short list 5 books or series in a specific genre that I still have to read. It’s a reminder for myself to be sure to read them at one point, but also to open a conversation. With this I want to know from you what you think I should read next and which books or genres are your favourites. Also, which fantasy books are still on your TBR-list and which one haven’t you read, yet. 

So what do you think? Which of these books should I read first? American Gods? Or do I finally start reading the Mistborn trilogy? Let me know in the comments below.




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