Book Review – Freaks’ Squeele vol. 1 & 2

‘À la Faculté des Études Académiques des Héros, Chance, Xiong Mao et Ombre entament leur cursus. Ces trois nouveaux étudiants vont découvrir les joies de la vie universitaire, la concurrence sans pitié entre étudiants, les professeurs sadiques, le stress des examens et bien plus encore… Une université pour apprendre à gérer son image et obtenir un permis de super-héros : il fallait y penser.’ (Goodreads) (2x 140 pages, 2009, Ankama)

I found this little gem rather by accident. I was walking in my favorite Fnac-shop in Lille (Fr.) and I was looking for another book to read and I saw a little kid reading this in a corner. I found the drawings so crazy but still so beautiful, I decided to buy the first one just to see what I thought of it. And I loved it so much. The next time I was in Lille, I basically ran to the store to buy the second book and now I’m desperately waiting to have some more cash to buy the rest of the series.

Freaks Squeele_01

It is, I have to say, quite crazy. This graphic novel tells the story of three students who start at a university to become superheroes and they’re basically failing and are at the bottom of the list. They have all these crazy school assignments that they have to try to get done and there are ups and downs, and let’s just say some they finish and others just get out of control.


The three main characters are so well rounded and they get this entire arc in both comics, which is so nice to see, especially in such short formats as the graphic novel. I’m sure they grow even more in the next volumes. It’s just so great to see these characters’ evolution and to see them change and grow. They are so different and just grew more and more in my heart because of their difference, but mostly because of their friendship. They stick together no matter what falls on their path.

Freaks Squeele_04

I preferred the second volume a bit more, just because with the first volume I was trying to understand the world and to get to know the characters, which took some time at first, but didn’t take away from my enjoyment of it. Definitely worth picking it up and I’m so sad it doesn’t have the success that it deserves. (It already stopped being printed in Dutch, bummer)

Freaks Squeele_05

The setting does seem a bit like any other story, finding your way in school, having magical abilities… They way it’s drawn, the way the story is told, the way they use colour is just so unique and I can’t wait to continue picking this one up. They already made so much more series set in this world that I can’t wait to see what else is in store for them. With some new characters in play, craziness is just around the corner.

3,5 – 4 out of 5 stars.




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