To TBR or not To TBR

That is the question.

I follow some Book Bloggers/Book Vloggers on Youtube (Like Perusetopia, Abookutopia and others…) and each month they do their wrapup of the books they’ve read and off course they’re TBR (To-Be-Read) pile of all the books they plan on reading that month. Now comes my question: do you do this as well? Make a list or a pile of the books you plan on reading?


I did try to do this a few times and each time I failed completely. I don’t remember one time where I stuck to it and succeeded in either finishing it or at least read some of the books. Why did I try it?

  1. I just wanted to know if I could stick to it. I just wanted to try something new and see if I could make it. (Bullet journal, yes. TBR-pile, unfortunately no.)
  2. I love making lists. Love just love. I could go on and on making lists. I have an entire notebook with different lists: kitchen tools I still need, places I want to visit, books I need to read, movies and series I have to watch…
  3. I like giving myself goals and following them. It helps me to plan my days and the future and to keep an eye on what I want to do in my life. 
  4. I love to read. Taking the time to think about what I want to read first is just a way to get myself in this world. It gives me another approach to one of my biggest passions and it gets me excited for the month and the different books to come.

There are other reasons why TBR-piles are amazing, but unfortunately, there are more reasons why it’s really hard for me.

  1. I’m an emotional reader. I’m a moody reader. In the winter I’ll grab a fantasy book, while in the summer you’ll see me reading chick lits. But it’s also depending of my personal mood. If I’m happy I’ll be reading more fantasy and character driven stories. When I’m sad, I want to read a lighter story, for example a chick lit or a young adult novel.
    This is something I can’t foresee. There are moments where I can easily say: it’s going to be nice weather, so I’ll grab this book. But how I feel changes and when I’m not in the mood for a certain genre, I won’t enjoy that book and more easily put it aside.
  2. Goals are great, but life sometimes can get in the way. There are always things that come between me and my planning. Things that you couldn’t foresee and can’t ignore and that make you get behind on your schedule and your TBR. I like to get to my goal and succeed, so this is another important part for me. I hate failing my goals and reading under pressure isn’t fun. It takes away from the pleasure of it. 
  3. And sometimes time is just your worst enemy as well. I’m usually a slow reader, but some books I can devour in a really quick tempo. It all depends on my mood and on the book itself as well. Just yesterday I read 250 pages of a High Fantasy book in just around 1,5 – 2 hours.

I could go on and on about this, but I’m not going to. This is something I’ve been struggling with and going back to several times over the past few years. And maybe I’ll go back to it when I’ve got my life more under control. But for the moment, I barely finish 1 book a month, so it’s not really interesting for me to have a TBR pile each month.

What are your thoughts about this topic? Do you make a TBR-pile or wrap-up each month? Let me know!




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