My Favourite Places to Read

One of my favourite ways to pass my time is reading. That’ll come to no surprise, as I started a blog about it to chronicle my reading experience and share my love of books with everyone to read. But it did take me through some tough times in my life. Escaping into stories and different worlds, just to forget about the real world for just a while. 



Here I wanted to sum up some of my favourites places to read. Because let’s be honest, everybody has some favourites. For example, you’ll never find me reading in the bath tub. I would be too afraid to let my book fall in the water and that would be the end for me. Some other place you’ll never find me with my books is the beach. I like to ignore all places with sand and other dirt that can get between the pages of my beautiful books.

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One of my favourites places to read is my bed. My beautiful, comfortable bed. I would not lie down, as the chances of me falling asleep would highly increase, but just sitting, leaning against the wall. You’ll find me lying here when it’s dark, with my little lamp on, cocooning myself with a fleece and just losing myself in the story. I’m already picturing myself, wrapped in my bed, reading my book tonight. Just heaven on earth.

Another place I like to read is on my couch. When the afternoon sun starts pouring through my window, I find myself basked in light and warmth, and this together with a nice cup of tea or some cookies is the perfect afternoon for me. The only negative thing here, is that I can’t sit in the same position for hours. I usually shift every 15 minutes so I stay in the sun.



When it’s winter though, you’ll find me in front of the fire. With a hot cocoa in one hand, my book in the other and a huge woolen jumper on, I can find myself reading there for hours. Occasionally shifting to let people tend to the fire, but never losing sight of the pages I’m reading.



Lastly, and most importantly, whenever the sun starts coming out and it is hot enough outside to hang out in parks or in the garden, you’ll find me there. Some nice cool lemonade or ice tea, sunglasses on, my dog at my feet and my book in my hands. Those are the perfect summer days.

Where do you like to read? Are there some places that are your favourites? Some places you completely ignore? Let me know in the comments! I would love to read where you guys read.




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