Review 2 – Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Well, let’s get on with the other episodes shall we? This series just gets better or worse with each episode. Is it that hard to stay on the same level? Some episodes I really enjoyed, others just pissed me of and were actually quite awkward and painful to watch.

Episode 4: ‘Raising Hell’

Ok, so this episode was as bad as the third one. The costumes are still horrible and Kat McNamara still has to convince me she’s the perfect Clary. I still don’t see it. But Harry Shum Jr., give me some more Magnus please. He was perfect. Just as I imagined him. And he mentioned Tessa, maybe we will see her in one of the upcoming episodes (or series). And finally Malec has been united, well not entirely, but maybe in the near future. For the rest this episode consisted of more cringeworthy moments and some were just too painful to watch. Why do they do this to us?

Episode 5: ‘Moo Shu To Go’

This episode was a little bit better. I liked the wolf aspect. They did a nice job of their transformation and they were lifelike. On my screen anyways, maybe it’ll be a bit worse on a proper tv-screen. Their lines were still cheesy as hell. ‘He’s the alpha-leader’. No, he’s the alpha. Not alpha-leader. What does that even mean? An alpha is the leader of the wolf-pack. We don’t need confirmation that he’s the alpha-leader. They seriously take us for idiots. And their system of tracking is so bad. That was seriously the most cringe-worthy moment of the entire episode. Why do they still do that? We aren’t idiots you know. We get that Alec is in love with Jace, you don’t have to tell us so literally. Let us guess. Let us see where the takes us.

Episode 6: ‘Of Men and Angels’

Why? Ok, first the good things. Simon is good. Alberto Rosande is amazing as Simon and makes the weird lines and things that doesn’t really make sense sound good, he turns them around and makes them right. But the rest. Why the flashbacks? The young version of the older characters, don’t look nothing like the actors we know as Valentine and Jocelyn. And those flashbacks were so bad quality and why does Luke go crazy from the bite? He’s already a werewolf, so it just doesn’t make sense. I just feel like we got so much, maybe to much, information about Idris and the Shadowhunters world. And Jace is back. Damn. Jace is not funny, it just doesn’t click. Not with Clary, not with Simon, not with Alec. It just doesn’t click for me.

Episode 7: ‘Major Arcana’

I like this Luke. First I was afraid the whole ‘Luke is a police officer’ would be a bit weird for me, because I love the Luke from the books, but I quite enjoy the change. We get a badass character, where I rather hoped Jace would be it. The entire story line of Luke and trying to find the tarot card was rather enjoyable and made this one of the better episodes. Until Jace and Clary got alone time. And just the thing that happened between them, nope, no chemistry at all. It’s unfortunate because I rather start liking the series. And Simon, no. Camille’s story line is rather interesting though, not at all what I was expecting.

Episode 8: ‘Bad Blood’

Clary is on sappy mode again. She didn’t have to decide Simon’s fate in the books. And then she’s shocked he’s pissed at her and doesn’t want to see her again. Yes, well, hello, how would you be of someone else decided if you should live with such a condition or die? And why Alec? Not Lydia. I want Malec… I’m excited to see where this is going, but I do hope that they will eventually end up together.

In General

So these were my reviews of the following 5 episodes of the series. Next week I will give my review of the last 5 episodes and my overall opinion of this series. I’m excited. (Can you feel my sarcasm?)

out of 5 stars




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