My Review of Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

First off, let me gush over my love for Netflix. Being from Belgium, we sometimes have to wait like a year before we get to see some series or new episodes. So when I saw that Netflix bought the rights to put the new series on their site the next day, internationally (!!!), I was so excited. Not because I’m super excited for this series, but the idea of watching the new episodes only a day later instead of waiting one year, is just so refreshing and just fun, because I don’t have to worry that I might get spoiled. You know, it’s just great.


Let’s start with the review. The first episode was a bit messy. I think that is the right word for it. I didn’t like the characters that much. Clary is a bit too nice and too naïve. Kat Mcnamara is a sweet girl and quite a good actress I think, but she has such a sweet, girly voice and she isn’t able to portray the toughness that Clary has in the books. I do love Alberto Rosende as Simon. He’s quirky and nice and so in love with Clary and I must say he’s the best casting of the entire series. And hello, why so little of Harry Shum jr. as Magnus? I love Malec, but we haven’t seen them together in either of the two first episodes.


I mean, look at him! Look at Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus. He’s amazing. I can’t wait until the episode where we get to know him a bit more. I think it’s episode 4? It must be online right now. I can’t wait to see their interaction, because the bromance between Dominic Sherwood (Jace) & Matthew Daddario (Alex) isn’t that great. I don’t feel their Parabatai-relationship. Alec is always grumpy and he doesn’t trust Clary and that is great because it’s also that way in the books, but why is Jace such an ass to Alec? I mean, he’s Alec’s best friend and the only one who knows him better than he knows himself. They are all gorgeous specimen, but I don’t believe Dominic Sherwood was the best choice for Jace. I still want to give him a shot though. So I just hope that Malec is better portrayed.


The second episode was a little bit better, but just a little. Simon is still my favorite character and I must say that Alan Van Sprang is amazing as Valentine. I already loved him in Reign, but here he takes the craziness to the next level. And the third episode… No, just no. Nope, I’m not agreeing with it at all. I love Camille. I love Raphael. I love the Vampires, but I didn’t get the look of Hotel du Mort. Isn’t it supposed to be an old abandoned hotel? I got an old building, but it wasn’t an hotel in my opinion. And why did Lizzie have to use sex to get answers? That wasn’t necessary and then Alec who says: ‘You have fairydust on your dress.’ No, no, no, just awkward.


And they seriously just made Clary’s training with a seraph blade a sensual thing? Such a typical guy-move. This entire episode was just filled with awkward moments and I seriously hope it’s going to get better. The only reason I stick to it is because I love the books and the world Cassandra Clare created. But I don’t know. I just don’t know. This third episode was even more painful to watch than the movie.


I just hope they don’t make the same mistakes with Malec. I ship Malec, Malec is my favorite relationship ever and if they make it as awkward as the others I’m going to scream. I mean, Malec. It’s Malec!

I’ll probably do another series review later on or a series recap, depending on how much worse or good it gets. (Yes, I still have hope, a little bit). This was my review of the first three episodes of this new series. I don’t even want to grade it, because I still have hope, but it’s not good for the moment.





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