Book Review – Tim Burton, Entretiens avec Mark Salisbury

Tim Burton

by Mark Salisbury

‘Tim Burton est un visionnaire, un incroyable conteur d’histoires. Il parle ici à coeur ouvert avec son ami Mark Salisbury D’Edward aux mains d’argent à Sweeney Todd, en passant par L’Etrange Noël de Mr Jack ou Batman, le cinéaste livre les secrets de sa création et ouvre les portes de son imaginaire, peuplé de rêves et de cauchemars. (Back of the Book) (383 pages, Points)

I loved this book so much! I’m a huge fan of the quirky style Tim Burton handels in his films and especially the variety he has shown in his choice of movies. I read this book in French, so I don’t know if this book also exist in English.

The interesting thing about this book is that you actually get two persons talking to each other in a sort of interview, but without the questions. It’s more of a conversation put on paper.

On the one hand we have Mark Salisbury who gives us more general information to put the quotes by Tim Burton in context. On the other hand we get anecdotes and more information on certain aspects of his films and a more behind-the-scenes look on his movies. And as a huge fan of his world of filmmaking I couldn’t be more happier with this book.

The only point of critique I would have is that it came out after Sweeney Todd came out and it doesn’t have more information on Tim Burton’s later films. I know this is normal when a director still lives and keeps working on new films, but I would love to see an updated version of this book coming out in a few years with more conversations about his newer films incorporated in this book.

out of 5 stars, I recommend this book if you’re a big fan of Tim Burton.




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