My Most Anticipated Books of 2016

As the new year begins, I’m so excited for all the new books coming out this year. I tried to narrow it done to 10 books, but I didn’t succeed to do it. I did a top 10 and then added 3 runner ups, just for the fun of it ^^

The three runner ups to my top 10 are some of the finals books to trilogies I’m so excited for. Rock Yancey finally brings us the final book in his series. I loved the first one, I will forget the second one, but I’m still excited to see how this series ends. Sally Green follows on nr. 12 with Half Lost. I haven’t read the second book yet, but I was waiting for the last one to marathon both of them. My next marathon is The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson. I’ve been waiting to read these books and I’ll finally be able to. Yeay! But now come the 10 books I’m most excited to read starting with book 10 to 8.

On 10 we have The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson. It’s the sixth book in the Mistborn series. Another series I want to read this year. It’s one that’s been highly recommended to me the past few years and so I decided to tackle it this year.

Marissa Meyer comes out with two books this year and I’ve put both of them in this list on place 9 & 8, but they’re interchangeable. We first have Heartless, a retelling about the Queen of Hearts, before she became evil. I mean, doesn’t that just scream awesomeness. I’ll definitely pick this one up. But first we’ll have Stars Above, a collection of short stories set in The Lunar Chronicles universe. After Winter I was left in a sort of a reading slump, realizing that it was the last book in this series. So I was beyond excited to see that we would have a little comeback to this universe, and I’m especially excited for a certain short story called ‘The Wedding‘.

Next we can finally rest, we will have a sequel to An Ember in the Ashes, by Sabaa Tahir. I haven`t picked up this book yet, but it’s the next one on my list and I’ve only heard great things on this book. Then followed on nr. 6 by Passenger, by Alexandra Bracken. I loved her Darkest Minds – trilogy, so I’m sure I’ll love this book. I mean time travelling pirates, anyone who’s not excited?

Then we have one of my favorite writers of all time and she comes back with a book in the series that made me fall in love with reading. Feverborn is the eighth book in the Fever-series. Queen Karen Marie Moning is back!

On the fourth place is a new writer to me. I haven’t read any books by Susan Dennard, but her new book sounds right up my alley and I can’t wait to pick it up. What I’m most excited about is the friendship aspect of the story and I’m sure it’ll be great, because her friendship with Sarah J. Maas is just so special and one I would love to have one day.

Then we start with the top 3 and I find one of my favorite writers back. Cassandra Clare comes out with a new book in the Shadowhunters world with a new trilogy. Lady Midnight picks up a few years after where City of Heavenly Fire left of. We are in L.A., where Emma Carstairs is looking for truth and revenge for her parents. I love the world and I love her writing. This book is already preordered and I just have to wait a few more months

2.2016Then we finally find the queen of fantasy herself, Sarah J. Maas. I’m so excited for the two books that are coming out this year. First of we have A Court of Mist and Fury. There isn’t a cover yet, but I’m sure we’ll have a cover reveal very soon. I loved A Court of Thorns and Roses so much, that I just can’t wait to read what else Sarah has in store for some of my favorite characters. Team Rhysand anyone?

And then the ultimate book of 2016, the book I’m so excited for, especially after the brilliant book that was Queen of Shadows, we have the fifth book in the Throne of Glass series.



We don’t have a title yet, we don’t have a cover. But we do have a blurb and it’s going to be awesome, I just know it! It goes on about a quest on which Aelin has to go on to be able to have salvation. I mean who doesn’t like a good quest in fantasy books? I’m so excited. I just hope it does come out this year. The fact we don’t have a title or cover yet, makes my a little scared. But I know Sarah J. Maas will be able to pull it all of.

So that’s it. These are the books I’m most excited about. What are the books you are looking out for this year? Let me know in the comments and happy new year everybody!




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