Book Review – Lune d’hiver by Sophie Adouin-Mamikonian

Indiana Teller #4

Indiana Teller #4

‘Dans les interminables plaines du Montana s’étend le Lykos Ranch. Alentour, les voisins sont loin de se douter que ses occupants sont les membres de l’un des clans de loups-garous les plus puissants d’Amérique du Nord. Parmi eux, un seul humain a sa place : Indiana Teller.
« Dans sept jours si tu ne m’as pas trouvée, je repartirai à jamais. » Retenue en otage par le clan Brandkel, la mère d’Indiana parvient à lui adresser ce message avant de disparaître de nouveau dans l’espace-temps. Mais comment sauver quelqu’un d’aussi insaisissable ?
De plus, un nouvel ennemi fait son apparition, un ennemi qui a jeté un sort mortifère au Lykos Ranch, mettant en péril la vie de tous ceux qu’Indiana aime. Maniant la cruauté et la magie d’une main de maître, cet adversaire s’apprête aussi à réveiller un pouvoir encore plus maléfique. Et même si Indiana peut rebrousser le temps, il réalisera bien vite que chaque seconde lui est comptée.’  (Goodreads) (347 pages, 27th March 2014 by Michel Lafon) (read in French)

So this is one of my favorite French series! I love Sophie Adouin-Mamikonian and her writing and I was so excited when four years ago I saw she had a new series out about werewolves. I jumped right into it and now, 4 years later, I must say I enjoyed it a lot! This is one of the first series that is now complete on my shelves and I’m definitely going to marathon it again this summer when I have the time.

Needless to say that I lover this book! From the beginning I was hooked on the adventures of one of my favorite male characters. I prefer reading about strong female characters, especially in YA, but in this case I made an exception and I must say I’m glad. Indiana is smart, friendly, attracts all kind of problems and makes friends in the weirdest places. He just felt from one adventure into the next in this book.

This book isn’t that big in comparison to the other books of this writer, but damn, did a lot of stuff happened in this book! All the different adventures came one after the other and were logically woven together in the end. It still felt like one big problem he had to solve and I think this is a perfect end to this series!

The only problem I had with this book was Katarina, Indiana’s wife. Yes, he’s 19-20 years old and he’s married, when you read the book you’ll understand why. Most of the time Katarina was whining all the time in this book! She didn’t trust Indiana, she didn’t trust herself, she didn’t think she was beautiful… Typical girl problems, but still… After all she went through you’d think she was over that… Luckily it didn’t take to much away from the brilliance of this story. And all the other characters made up for it.

4,5 stars! Definitely earned.


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